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Space Clearing: Remove Negative Energy from Home, Office & Property

Energy cleansing for a space, room, house or land to release negative energy and resolve any energetic issues. Great fo perform before moving into new home and office, or if unusual spirit activity arises after inhabiting. Treatment is 30 min with 15 min pre & post discussion, and can be performed in-person or as a virtual session. Sound, sage and essential oils may be used in the cleansing process, so let us know if sensitive to sounds, scents or smoke. Travel fees may be required.

$99 – 60 min

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Health Reconnection provides energetic space clearing, as well as professional energy healing for clients seeking relief from stress, minor ailments, recurring pain, lack of energy and focus. Our energy healing services provide access to a wide spectrum of healing energy, balancing frequencies, information, wisdom and light, transmitted energetically to wherever you, conducted via Zoom, Facetime or phone call. Our objective is to help your body, mind and spirit heal with fresh, positive, high vibrational energy.

Appointments: Mon – Fri: 9am – 9pm,

Sat: 9am – 4pm, Sun: Closed