Reiki Master Class Training Symbols Attunement Certification Dallas TX

Reiki Master Class: Level 3 Training, Attunement & Certification

Complete your initiation into the art of Reiki Life Force Energy by taking this Reiki Master Class. In this course you will receive Reiki Master symbols, hands-on training by Reiki Master, Distance Healing training, learn how to send an attunement, professional Reiki business overview, Level 3 Practitioner Reiki Master attunement and certification. Upon completion, you will understand the advanced principles and healing techniques of Reiki, and be able to use Usui Reiki Life Force Energy to self heal, heal others, and send Reiki to others across time and distances.

Cost: $299

Reiki Level 3 Master Class

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Health Reconnection Reiki Master Classes & Energy Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an spiritual healing modality discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. It’s a japanese energy transference technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This technique is administered by a laying of hands on or above the body in various positions by the reiki master so that positive universal healing energy can flow into the areas of the body that need healing the most. The reiki practitioner is the conduit for this spiritually guided healing energy to flow into your bio-energetic field. This energy nourishes all your energy centers, also known as chakras, meridian lines and acupuncture points. This energy bathes your entire system so that your energetic self can be balanced and restored to a more natural state harmonizing your body, mind and spirit.

Health Reconnection provides professional energy healing for clients seeking relief from common ailments, stress relief, toxins, headaches, recurring pain, lack of energy and focus. Our services include Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Chakra Balancing and Integrated Healing Massage at our offices in Dallas, TX. In these sessions, our practitioners provide accesses to a wide spectrum of healing energy, balancing frequencies, information, wisdom and light to balance energy and enhance healing. For clients unable to visit our offices, we specialize in Distance Healing, subtle energy healing sent to you wherever you are on demand. Our objective is to help heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues, achieving optimum balance and peace of mind. As a result of our energy healing sessions, chakras are balanced, auras are cleansed, spiritual healing is achieved and stale energy trapped within old emotional blocks are released. Healing occurs when body, mind and spirit are energetically balanced.