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Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 Classes: Training, Attunement & Certification

Ever wanted to take a Reiki class or learn about energy healing? Health Reconnection teaches Reiki classes at all levels in Dallas, TX. Taught by our Reiki Masters Kevin Foresman and Lisa Foresman, you will learn basic and advanced Reiki healing techniques and how to use them to self heal and help others to heal. We teach Level 1 Beginners Reiki, Advanced Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Level 3 Class. Our courses are fun, informative and fast-paced, including plenty of hand-on training and class participation.

Reiki is a modality for balancing our energy and healing body, mind and spirit. In these two sessions, learn the basics of Reiki in order to heal yourself. Health Reconnection class instructors provide fun and entertaining classroom sessions with plenty of hands on training. Upon completion, you will be attuned at the 1st degree Reiki level and able to facilitate healing for yourself. 

Massage Therapists – Learn Reiki and incorporate this powerful modality into your practice. Reiki Master Lisa Foresman, LMT, MTI and Owner of Massage Integration teaches our next Reiki Level 1 Class. It’s open to everyone, especially beginning students as no experience is required, and can be taken for 6 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs for TX LMTs only).

Reiki Classes: Training, Symbols, Attunements & Certification

All classes are currently via Zoom only. Expect a combination of lecture and training exercises:

What is Energy Healing

History of Reiki

Intro to Chakras

Scan & Feel Energy

Ground & Align Energy

Learn Reiki Symbols

Receive Reiki Attunements

Certification of Completion

Cost: Starting at $199