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Hypnosis Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Dallas TX

Hypnosis: Past Life Regression, Behavior Modification, Spiritual Healing

Kevin Foresman facilitates a unique hypnosis therapy session that helps with habit and behavior modification, past life regression and spiritual contact and healing. Kevin combines his experience with energy healing, meditation and hypnosis in order to help clients overcome deep seated habitual thinking and behavior patterns. This technique is also effective at addressing past lives and their influence in our present lives in order to address past karmic events and energetic associations. Kevin also provides hypnotherapy to facilitate spirit contact between the client and spiritual influences in order to listen, learn, heal and move onward with confidence, focus and determination during this lifetime. The sessions are conducted at our offices in Dallas and are about 1.5-2 hrs in duration. Kevin also offers hypnosis sessions via telephone or Skype sessions.

Hypnosis sessions cost $245 and last about 2 hours

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Hypnosis Healing Session

A gentle hypnosis session for habit sensacion and behavior modification. Can be used for many habitual issues such as weight reduction, stop smoking, enhance performance, relax deeply, release stress or achieve goals. The session can be performed in office, via phone or Skype.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Through hypnosis, discover past lives who’s karma is affecting our current incarnation, and learn how to accept, forgive, and heal.. The session can be performed in office, via phone or Skype.

Spirit to Spirit Hypnosis

Spirit- to Spirit hypnosis uses an altered-state to establish contact with those who love, teach and guide you on the other side. You then communicate directly about your problems, soul callings and life directions. Sessions begin with a chakra balancing and energizing induction to expand your aura and attune you to the subtle vibrations that allow the reception of subjective awareness.

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Health Reconnection provides professional energy healing for clients seeking relief from common ailments, stress relief, toxins, headaches, recurring pain, lack of energy and focus. Our services include Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Chakra Balancing and Integrated Healing Massage at our offices in Dallas, TX. In these sessions, our practitioners provide accesses to a wide spectrum of healing energy, balancing frequencies, information, wisdom and light to balance energy and enhance healing. For clients unable to visit our offices, we specialize in Distance Healing, subtle energy healing sent to you wherever you are on demand. Our objective is to help heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues, achieving optimum balance and peace of mind. As a result of our energy healing sessions, chakras are balanced, auras are cleansed, spiritual healing is achieved and stale energy trapped within old emotional blocks are released. Healing occurs when body, mind and spirit are energetically balanced.