The Reconnection: Reiki Chakra Energy Healing Dallas TX

The Reconnection Energy Healing Reconnective Healing Dallas TX

The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the energy, light and information found in the Reconnective Energy Healing Frequencies. It is a focused formation to connect three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid. The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence. This is the cutting edge of energy healing.

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What’s the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

The difference between Reconnective Energy Healing and The Reconnection is basically one of intent.The intent of Reconnective Healing is essentially that of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level. And, of course, to achieve the degree of healing brought forth via Reconnective Energy Healing, you will, to some extent, experience reconnection as part of the process. It’s this “Reconnection” that allows Reconnective Energy Healing to be so dramatically more comprehensive than the healing “techniques” we’ve had up until now.

The intent of The Reconnection is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe.

This is done via a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Reconnection. And, of course, to achieve the degree of reconnection brought forth via The Reconnection, you will, to some extent, experience healing as part of the process.

And, although the two are not completely separate processes, to obtain the full benefits of each, your Reconnective Energy Healing sessions and your Reconnection sessions are to be experienced on separate occasions.

Fee: $333 ~ The Reconnection requires two separate one-hour sessions within a 72 hour period

One to three Reconnective Energy Healing Sessions are suggested before receiving The Reconnection

We offer The Reconnection and find it to be profoundly life changing in and of itself. Based on personal experience, we find it has great transformational value as a quick powerful way to shift people who wish to take a quantum leap in their spiritual evolution and soul journey. The $333 fee includes both sessions

Health Reconnection: Helping You Heal by Returning to an Optimal State of Balance

Health Reconnection provides Reconnective Energy Healing to help you return to an optimal state of balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Based in Dallas TX, we are professionally trained Certified Reconnective Energy Healing Foundational Practitioners available at your convenience to facilitate Reconnective Energy Healing to help you heal your body, mind and spirit. Health Reconnection provides complimentary healing meant to be experienced as an alternative to, and in conjunction with, your regular medical therapy as prescribed by your doctor.

Our services facilitate your healing by helping you to reconnect to your highest and best self. It is this state of balance that enables you to heal to the best of your ability, often instantaneously, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

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